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Trust Your Bong Sau

Yip Man Shifting

Today we talk about the benefits of trusting your Bong Sau.

In my last class, I had the opportunity to really observe my fellow classmates (Sihings) and I noticed one common pattern…they didn’t trust their Bong Sau the same way I trusted mine.

Here are the 3 common mistakes I saw when Bong Sau failed:

1) Bong Sau was being pulled down.
2) Bong Sau collapsed so it was no longer effective.
3) Not trusting the Bong Sau enough to maintain it and letting it drop.

I use Bong Sau in 80% of my defense. I always trust my Bong Sau and have confidence that it will block whatever is coming at me when I use it. When I defend with my Bong Sau, the Bong Sau gives me a lot of options to counter strike. Bong Sau is definitely one of my favorite techniques.

Here are my suggestions to keep a good Bong Sau and trust it.

1) Know that Bong Sau is only the first line of defense and that there should be a Wu Sau behind it in case the Bong Sau fails.
2) Keep the angle in Bong Sau and don’t collapse it (even when using it to pin or bump opponent).
3) Don’t let Bong Sau get pulled. If it does, use the advantage of the momentum to advance.

Now, my question to you is, how is your Bong Sau? Do you trust your Bong Sau? Let me know in the comments!

Additional Notes

  • Don’t raise Bong Sau too high. It should not block my view of vision. My elbow should be higher than the wrist. 135 degrees to keep opponent away
  • Bong Sau in Chi Sao

    This week we discuss my favorite technique, Bong Sau! We talk about Bong Sau in Chi Sao and the importance of transitioning from being defensive to going on the offensive!

    Do you find the show helpful to you? Let me know in the comments!

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