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Strength vs Technique. Which matters more?

Let’s talk about strength and having good technique. I want to share my thoughts on it and I would like to know yours.

Everyone has the potential to get physically stronger, which makes gaining strength a possibility.

Everyone has the potential to acquire and refine their techniques, which makes honing techniques a possibility.

The difficulty is in understanding the limitations of the two.

I believe that I can become physically stronger than I was a year ago but there is always going to be someone who will be stronger than me.

The same can be said about refining my techniques. If my technique becomes flawless but I don’t learn to apply strength behind them, they may not be effective when I need to use them.

The idea now is to understand how to balance using strength and techniques together without relying on just one of the two.

I think balance comes from investing time into strength training and practicing the techniques with the same focus of strength training by applying strength where it counts.

This can also be said about strength training and that it should be done with the same precision as practicing techniques by using good form to complete each exercise.

Question: Which is more important to you? Strength or having good technique? Or, do you agree with me and believe both are equally important?

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