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Let’s Talk About Kwan Sau

Kwan Sau looks very similar to Double Arm Gan Sau and it can be confusing sometimes but a good way to remember which is which is that Kwan Sau can lead to Lap Sau 🙂

My friend Tony gave me a tip when using Kwan Sau. He said that instead of trying to use it to deflect my opponent to the side, step in and use the forward momentum to deflect, pin, and disrupt my opponent. I think it’s a great tip and worth testing. I think any way to give my opponent less space to maneuver should be worth doing.

Lastly, I mention previously that I don’t like using two arms to defend but in special cases where my opponent is much more aggressive than I’m used to, I think it’s safe to use Kwan Sau to catch both my opponent’s arms to slow down their momentum.

Why Not Kwan Sau?

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