Doing Our Wing Chun Form with Intent

Today we talk about focusing on our intent while we do our Wing Chun form!

What do I mean by intent? I’m referring to the things that goes through my mind when I’m doing the Wing Chun forms.

At the beginning, I focused on the movement.

Now, I focus on the intent and thinking about the application as I go through the form.

Let’s use an example. We’re going to use Fook Sau because we’re going to give Fook Sau some love this episode.

When I do Fook Sau during Sil Lim Tao, I…

– …focus on keeping my elbows in, towards my center, because the Fook Sau occupies the same space that a straight punch needs to strike through.

– …keep my fingers relaxed but still together because I don’t want to end up flexing my arms and creating more tension.

– …let my wrist rest because if I’m in contact with my opponent, I can rely on sensitivity.

Now going through the entire form, my mind is thinking about something different for each movement because each movement has a different purpose. I should no longer zone out and go through the motion. I mean I can but I rather be in the moment and focus on each part of the form.

Question: When you do your form, what goes through your mind? Let me know in the comments!

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