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The Importance of Taking Notes After Wing Chun Class

Even in martial arts, taking notes is vital to our growth and education. Taking notes help us remember things that we might forget. This is especially true in Wing Chun. I learn so much after each class that I have to write down the main points I learned. Sometimes I forget some things but I write down what I can.

You should try to take notes right after your Wing Chun class so everything you learned is still fresh. For taking notes, I use my iPhone and use the Notes application. It doesn’t matter if you use your phone or a notebook, the important thing is to track your progress.

Some of the things I suggest you should write down are any tips or techniques that you learned in class that are beneficial. You should also jot down anything that you need to work on. By doing this, you can review them and work on what you need to improve on at home or when you’re free. Then the next time you go to class you can test your training and see if you can put the techniques you noted to good use and if you made any improvements in the areas where you needed work on.

I consider note taking a part of Wing Chun training because it is a good way to help us understand the fundamentals of Wing Chun in action as well as defining and interpreting the theories of what we learn in class through our notes.

I never delete my notes and neither should you. You should use these notes to chronicle your Wing Chun education and keep them as a reminder of what you’ve learned and how much you have improved.

Photo Credit: Wai-Lun Tsang

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