Remember Any Wing Chun Technique

Today we talk about remembering any Wing Chun technique we learned.

This past class, we were reviewing old techniques and I had a bit of trouble remembering them.

Some of the movement seemed familiar but I haven’t really practiced these specific techniques in a while.

So I decided to step away for a moment to grab my phone. Then I typed in the technique name in my Notes app on my iPhone. There it was, I found my detailed notes I took from over a year ago.

It was all there in detail because there were 9 techniques that we were reviewing in class that day.

It was amazing that my notes held up even after a year.

One thing that helped was making notes of any short hand I used. For example I use the acronym RH for Rolling Hand and ReH for Resting Hand. ORH for Opponent’s Rolling Hand and OReH for Opponent’s Resting Hand. This is especially important for hand placements and what I’m doing with my arms.

Another thing was that I wrote them in detail so once I read my notes, things just started coming back to me because I used words I’m familiar with.

Lastly, using keywords in my notes helped because if I forgot a techniques name, I could still search for it based on keywords that are relevant to it.

The point is, I was really happy to quickly reference the notes I took about the techniques I learned over a year ago. I’m currently using the Apple Notes app that comes with the iPhone because I can easily type between the phone and my computer. Another good alternative is Evernote.

The reason I prefer writing my Wing Chun notes in an app instead of a notebook is because it makes it much easier for me to look things up.

Question: What’s your preferred method for remembering your Wing Chun techniques? Let me know in the comments.