Let’s Do Sil Lim Tao Together

This week we do the Sil Lim Tao form together.

I recorded this week’s video on my phone because I wanted to capture my entire body doing the form. Since the sound quality wasn’t great, I mixed in some music. Let me know if it’s too distracting!

This is the first time I recorded myself doing my Sil Lim Tao form in a very long time. I was definitely nervous and slightly tensed.

I’m glad I took this chance to see how my form looks and definitely took notes on where I can improve. Here are the things I noticed:

  • The Huen Sau close is too fast, I should do it slower to really work my forearms.
  • My foot placement wasn’t aligned and I didn’t notice it while I was doing the form.
  • After the meditative section of the form, I should maintain the same pace but instead I sped up.
  • Each strike should be more clear and prominent. I sped through them.
  • Overall, I should slow down and focus more on each movement.

    I hope you guys try recording yourselves doing the form as well. It’s a good way to spot your mistakes and improve your form!

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