Close the Distance

Today we talk about closing the distance, stepping in, and what it means to land a full strike on your opponent.

What’s the difference between a strike that lands with a fully extended arm versus a strike that lands before the arm is full extended?

The immediate difference is in power. If my striking arm is already fully extended, I am at the limit of my range and power. The only way I can think of to correct this is by closing the distance which gives my striking arm more range to strike with more power, making my attack more effective.

The way I practice closing the distance is by stepping in. I go over the drill I do to practice. The basic steps are:
1) Start from Wing Chun stance
2) Step forward with one leg while keeping the weight on the back leg
3) Return to Wing Chun stance
4) Lead with alternate leg then repeat

Once you get used to the movement, you want to practice this with a strike. Now, my Sifu says that our striking hand should be the same side as our back leg when we do this stepping drill.

Let me know if you’re already stepping in, how you go about it, and if you find it effective in the comments below!

Also, I go over my current progress of my 30 Day Practice Wing Chun Challenge at the end of the video. If you’re interested in participating in my challenge, learn more about it here!

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