Wing Chun Techniques

If you’re looking for more information on different Wing Chun techniques, here are a few that I explain in detail and why they are effective.

The Only Kicks You Need in Wing Chun

These are the only kicks you need in Wing Chun!

Intermediate Stepping

I haven't always been active on my feet during Wing Chun class. For the first few years, I stayed mostly stationary and occasionally shifted or stepped back during drills or Chi Sao. Only in the past two years I started moving more on my feet by stepping in.

Today we talk about an intermediate technique: stepping in.

Sil Lim Tao Wing Chun Dummy Part 2

This week we go over section 2 of Sil Lim Tao on the Wing Chun Dummy. P.S. If you want to skip over the section 1 recap, go to the 2:50 mark.


Dan Chi Sau Defense Drill

Today we talk about the Dan Chi Sau (Single Hand Chi Sao) drill and how to properly defend whether you're the initiator or defender!


Why is Shifting so important?

Shifting is very important for offense and defense in Wing Chun!

Hey there, welcome!

My name is Edgar and I started learning Wing Chun in August 2009. This website chronicles my Wing Chun training and offers my perspective to other Wing Chun practitioners. I am not an instructor or a grand master, I am just a student.

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