Wing Chun Techniques

If you’re looking for more information on different Wing Chun techniques, here are a few that I explain in detail and why they are effective.

Trust Your Bong Sau

Today we talk about the benefits of trusting your Bong Sau.

Defend and Strike in Chi Sao

Today we talk about defending and striking in Chi Sao, also known as the art of multitasking.

Create Your Own Wing Chun Form

Today we talk about creating your own Wing Chun form!

Let’s Talk About Lop Sau aka “The Pulling Hand”

Today we talk about Lop Sau also known as "The Pulling Hand".

The Only Kicks You Need in Wing Chun

These are the only kicks you need in Wing Chun!

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My name is Edgar and I started learning Wing Chun in August 2009. This website chronicles my Wing Chun training and offers my perspective to other Wing Chun practitioners. I am not an instructor or a grand master, I am just a student.

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