Practice With or Without a Wing Chun Dummy

Today we talk about using the Wing Chun dummy for practice!

A Wing Chun dummy is great to have…but it’s not necessary for Wing Chun training. Since I do have one, I use it to practice.

Most of my practice that I do on the dummy is theoretical, meaning I have an idea of how I want to strike or block an opponent but since I’m only practicing on a dummy, I am only preparing myself to practice on a real person the next time I go to class or meet up with my Wing Chun friends.

The great thing about this type of preparation is that everything I want to theorize on the dummy can also be done without one by doing it in the air on my own. Practicing solo using my imagination is just as good as practicing on a Wing Chun dummy. It also doesn’t require much space, I just need enough space to move backwards, forwards, and side to side and have enough space for my arms to be full extended sideways.

How do you practice on a Wing Chun dummy or in the air? Let me know!

The Final Section of the Wing Chun Dummy Form

These are the applications to the final section of the Wing Chun Dummy Form.

Section 1 – Reacting to multiple punches
Section 2 – Jamming/preventing further strikes
Section 3 – Intercepting and sweeping opponent

I really enjoy Section 3 because like take downs, sweeping an opponent utilize the push/pull mechanic and is very effective. I plan to incorporate more of these types of techniques in my Wing Chun training!

These are my class notes and are more for my own personal review but if you find them useful for your review, please let me know!

Take Downs in Wing Chun

Yesterday in class I focused on section 7 of the Wing Chun Dummy Form which covers the take down!

In Wing Chun, I think take downs are very effective but they’re not practiced as much as other drills.

I don’t have much experience with take downs so my knowledge is very limited but the most important thing to remember is that you need to cause a push and pull reaction from your opponent.

I had a lot of fun practicing the take downs but wished that we dedicated more class time to practicing it with everyone in the class.

What do you guys think about make take downs a more integral part of Wing Chun training? Let me know in the comments!

Sil Lim Tao Wing Chun Dummy Part 3

Today we complete the Sil Lim Tao on the Wing Chun Dummy series!

You can watch the previous sections here:
Part 1, Part 2

Almost all the sections in Part 3 can be done on the Wing Chun Dummy. If you’re training the Sil Lim Tao form, I think Part 1 and Part 3 are the easiest to work with because it doesn’t require readjusting the dummy’s position or striking a different part of the body.

I think Part 3 is very straight forward with the exception of three strikes: The Rib Strike, Fingers Down Palm Strike, and the Upper Palm Strike. I hope that the video is enough to demonstrate how it’s done but if not, please let me know and I will create another video to add on to it!

It was a lot of fun doing the Sil Lim Tao form with the Portable Wing Chun Dummy and I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think about it. Also, let me know if you find this series useful!

Lastly, if you’re interested in owning your own Portable Wing Chun Dummy, be sure to fill out this quick 1 min survey:

Get your own Portable Wing Chun Dummy

Today we talk about getting your own Portable Wing Chun Dummy.

If you’re interested in your own portable dummy, please fill out this 1 min survey:

You can read more about the Portable Wing Chun Dummy.

I’ve received countless amount of messages and emails about the Portable Wing Chun Dummy and I always gave the same response about it: It’s one of a kind and not for sale.

But today, I’m very excited to announce the possibility of producing the next version of the Portable Wing Chun Dummy, available for everyone. This idea is currently still in the planning stages and before we can move forward, I need your help! I need to know if you’re interesting in having your portable dummy to train with. If you want to help, please fill out this 1 min survey:

I appreciate it!

Also, if you know anyone who may be interested in having their own Portable Wing Chun Dummy as well, please share this post and video with them!

Sil Lim Tao Wing Chun Dummy Part 2

This week we go over section 2 of Sil Lim Tao on the Wing Chun Dummy. P.S. If you want to skip over the section 1 recap, go to the 2:50 mark.

You can watch Part 1 here.

Section 2 is much more complex than section 1. It requires the form to be broken down into 9 smaller sections. This also makes it easier to apply the movements to the dummy. If you require more details for each section, let me know!

Also, this Thursday I have a big announcement so please stay tuned for that. Hint: It may or may not be related to the Portable Wing Chun Dummy 😉

Side Stepping in Wing Chun

Today we talk about side stepping in Wing Chun and in the Dummy Form.

Yesterday in class I focused on the applications of section 6 of the Wing Chun Dummy Form. I focused on stepping to the side. In my original step, I place all my weight on the front leg and lead with my head first. That’s a bad habit and my Sifu helped me realize that. He demonstrated how he does it by keeping the weight on the back leg and NOT leading with the head leaning in, haha. Since it’s a bad habit of mine, it will take time for me to adjust and correct it. I hope you can learn from my mistake and correct your bad habits early.

These Class Notes episodes will be more for my own review but if you find it useful, please let me know. But if you don’t find it useful, please let me know how it can be better. Feedback is always appreciated and I read everyone of them!

Lastly, did you find this episode helpful for you? Do you have the same bad habit I had? Let me know!

Sil Lim Tao Wing Chun Dummy Part 1

This week we talk about practicing Sil Lim Tao on the Wing Chun dummy!

Last week I asked you guys for ideas and suggestions for future Practice Wing Chun topics. David sent me an email asking about practicing open hand forms on the Wing Chun dummy so I decided to create a mini series that covers just that. I’m still accepting ideas and suggestions or questions. I will cover them all!

This week’s video suffered a bit of technical difficulties in the last half of the video. The camera moved and lost focus, and everything is a blur. But the audio is still informative so I have left the video as is. I plan to make up for it in Part 2 and review it again. But if you can’t wait and want it corrected now, let me know and I’ll make an addendum video.

But other than that, let me know if this video is useful for you and would like to see more videos like this.

And, if you’re already practicing your open hand forms on a dummy, what are your tips? Share them in the comments!

Do you need a Wing Chun dummy for training?

Today we talk about the Wing Chun dummy!

Do you need a Wing Chun dummy for training?

The great thing about the Wing Chun dummy form is that you can practice the form on the dummy or with just your hands in the air.

I think having a Wing Chun dummy helps but is not necessary. I go through the motions on the dummy but when applying the techniques, the dummy actually limits my movements and I prefer practicing the form open handed.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer practicing the form open handed or on the Wing Chun dummy? Let me know in the comments!