Art of the Open Hand Forms

July was a great month. I learned a lot about the open hand forms and have started to understand them much better. It’s amazing that after years of doing the forms, only now, I begin to see each technique more clearly and utilize it in other aspects of my Wing Chun training.

I write up my class notes to share every month. You can read my previous class notes here.

So, how does sharing class notes help me improve my training? This is why.

The purpose of these monthly class notes is to:

  • Reflect on what I learned
  • Look back on what I can improve
  • Inspire you to jot down your own notes and improve YOUR training
  • Share my goals and what I want to improve next
  • Get feedback from my peers
  • General

  • When doing the Pak Sau drill, keep punch arm straight and do not retrieve or bend the arm to strike. Step in and use Pak Sau to clear the center
  • Don’t bob up and down when doing the forms. Stay the same height throughout the form
  • Punch and apply power at the last moment right at impact
  • Chum Kiu

  • The low 90 degree Bong Sau should drive with the hands first into 135 degree before Shifting. Same applies for any similar movements in the Biu Tze form
  • Biu Tze

  • Biu Tze starts from elbow not the armpit
  • Grab + elbow happens at the same time in one motion
  • Fist to chest is pulled all the way back, even in Chi Sao counters
  • The final position of an elbow strike should end with wrist lower than the elbow
  • Chi Sao

  • Never pull unless it’s Lop Sau
  • Pin opponent, push into them. Bump them
  • When pinning opponent’s arm, make sure that my arm crosses theirs and it’s not parallel
  • Lead with strike first
  • Step in with weight on the back leg
  • Roll with a tune or beat
  • Tan Sau + Bong Sau roll is done as if there is a ball between the hands where each wrist overlaps the other
  • Final Notes

    I used to rush through every technique and form so I can move on to the next NEW thing. The problem was that by doing so, I didn’t pay attention to all the little details along the way which would have helped me understand the next technique or form better.

    If I were to do it all again, I would tell my younger self to stop rushing, take your time, and pay attention to the details.

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