Ask PWC Episode 001

This is a new series I’m starting and it’s where I answer any Wing Chun training related questions!

Here’s the first Ask PWC!


+ Where can I buy your portable Wing Chun dummy?
+ What should I do when my shoulders are sore from too much Chi Sao?

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June 2015 – Fundamentals and Chi Sao

This month I was preparing for my sash test but I also focused on the fundamentals of Wing Chun and Chi Sao.


May 2015 – Class Notes: Chi Sao

This month in class, I focus on my Chi Sao and going back to my fundamentals!

Shan Wu Kung Fu School

Shan Wu Kung Fu School – Learn Wing Chun in New York City

Learn Wing Chun in New York City


The Visualization Technique: Improve through Meditation

I came up with a way that has kept my Wing Chun techniques without having to physically do anything.


March 2015 – Class Notes: Biu Tze

This month in class, we focused on Biu Tze. Biu Tze is one of my favorite forms because it focuses on close quarter combat.


Wing Chun Class Notes – February 2015

My class notes for February 2015 which focused on Chi Sao and the Dummy Form.


Wing Chun Class Notes – January 2015

My class notes for January 2015.


Chi Sao Focus: Fook Sau

Fook Sau is primarily done with the resting hand in Chi Sao. It's also one of the most important techniques in Chi Sao, find out why!

Butterfly Swords

3 Tips to Improve Your Butterfly Sword Form. My Favorite is Tip #3

Start improving your Baat Jam Do form with these 3 simple tips.

Ip Chun Single Hand Chi Sao

Chi Sao – Changing your Centerline with the Triangle Step

Take advantage of the centerline with the triangle step.

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